Comprehensive payment service platform Connect various payment methods and cash flow services in one stop! Help businesses grow quickly.
用 iPhone 卡緊收, 不需刷卡機!
Over 10,000 online shop use TapPay
Supports various payment tools and e-wallets
There is no need to sign contracts with individual payment brands; simply apply for a TapPay account to easily enjoy diverse services such as payment connection, cash flow integration, electronic receipts and risk management and achieve secure and convenient operation and management in one-stop. Stable and fast payment services that are continually optimized and innovated; a great helper for your company!
One API supports the integration of multiple payment methods, acquiring banks and international card issuing organizations simultaneously.
Data-driven optimization Powerful risk management
A fully connected single payment system; grasp the payment details of every transaction.
Account adjustment, payment processing and the downloading of detailed transaction reports can all be performed on the backstage, providing full control over the management of transactions.​ The two-factor authentication login mechanism stops all malicious intrusions, and sensitive data are all encrypted and saved so that only you can see them.
Activate account to quickly meet business needs
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Let the payment expert team of TapPay to become your most powerful support. Quickly introduce services to expand your business!
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