Common question

TapPay Account Related :

  • How to sign up ?
  • Can TapPay work without acquirer account ?
  • What if I already have an acquirer account from participating bank ?
  • How long does it take to apply for an acquiring account ?
  • What is the fee for acquirer account ?
  • Why do I need an acquirer account for TapPay ?
  • Do you have sandbox mode for testing purpose ?
  • Is sandbox environment free?
  • How to sign a contract ?
  • Any banks support instal payments ?
  • What is the rate for instal payments ?
  • Do you accept foreign cards ?
  • How to go to Production mode ?
  • Do you support Shopify integration ?
  • Do you support Shopline integration ?

Technical Integration Related:

  • Foreign currency and foreign cards
  • How to implement recurring payments?
  • Where’s the APP KEY?
  • Do you support 3D Secure ?
  • Can I store cards’ CCV ?
  • Can I call refund API ?
  • Can I call get records API ?
  • Identity verification(KYC) for online insurance and offline insurance transaction

Operating Related

  • Can make a refund at TapPay portal ?
  • Can I make a partial refund ?
  • Can I set permissions for different employees ?
  • Each bank capture / refund time
  • How to get the exact status for 3D or Wallet Pending Transaction?
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