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API friendly, 10 different types of payment methods all connects into one.


In FamilyMart, there are over 14.5 millions members who have earned and stored more than hundred million loyalty reward points in-app. Go ahead and use +PAY mobile payment as part of your commerce strategy which comes with extraordinary benefits. Incentives and rewards strengthen customers loyalty to your brand and sales will be captured from as many devices as you can.

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Trading environment
  • Mobile Payment
    To activate mobile payment function using +PAY , go ahead and register it from FamilyMart App.
  • Shop Online
    +PAY allows consumers to make an instant purchases, both in-store and online. It let you carry your favorite cards on your devices and check out with just a quick tap or a face scanning.

Product Features
  • FamilyMart Loyalty Reward Points
    More than 40 billions loyalty rewards points were earned by over 14.5 millions FamilyMart members, which can be used at your store to increase customer stickiness and loyalty to your brand.
  • Cash Top-up
    Top-up your digital wallet with cash at any Family Mart store, customers would be able to purchase goods and services with +PAY.
  • Business Partner Portal
    We welcome business partner who is interested in developing a better service and products with us online and offline. Please contact us.

Easy connection
  • Developer Friendly
    Follow our step-by-step instruction to gain access to +PAY. enter through developer folder and click on “Developer” on the top.
  • More information

    Want to know more +PAY official information? Please go to +PAY official page.

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