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API friendly, 10 different types of payment methods all connects into one.


JKOPAY is a popular mobile wallet in Taiwan with impressive market share and users. Add JKOPAY to your website now to satisfy the purchase desire of your customers from on-site to on-line.

Trading environment
  • Mobile shopping
    Whether consumers purchase through an APP or website, they can jump to JKOPAY App directly from the checkout page. It is both simple and fast.
  • Computer shopping
    If your customers are purchasing through a web browser, after choosing JKOPAY to checkout, a unique QR code will be generated. Consumers just need to open JKOPAY APP and scan the QR code to complete payment.

Product Features
  • JKO Points
    Once users purchase through JKOPAY, they could get JKO Points. Each point equals to one dollar. Hurry to allow JKOPAY users come to your website to shop with JKO Points!
  • JKOPAY’ve got users covered
    No matter food delivery, shopping, charity donation, money transfer.., users can do all of them by JKOPAY. Let’s enable JKOPAY to attract these users to your website to shop!

Easy connection
  • Developer Friendly
    Follow our step-by-step instructions to enable JKOPAY. Click “Developer” on the top to see more details.
  • More information

    Want to know more about JKOPAY? Visit JKOPAY now

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