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Google Pay

The payment tool that supports the most browsers. Many browsers like Safari, Chrome and firefox are all compatible with Google Pay’s one click credit card payment.
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Supports multiple browsers
  • Supports multiple browsers
    Other than Google Chrome and Android, Google Pay now supports Firefox and Apple’s Safari as well.
  • Chrome, Google Play 商店, YouTube 與 Android Pay App
    Through Google Pay, consumers are able to use any credit cards used under a google account like Chrome, Google Play Store, YouTube and Android Pay App.

Verification safety
  • Source verifying
    Whether is Google Pay verification or verifying domain names TapPay Portal backend will be able to handle with ease.
  • Transaction security
    Through TapPay you will not come in contact with any encrypted transaction information from security element (SE). SDK will send the information code to TapPay server and let TapPay handle information processing.

Easy connection
  • Developer Friendly
    Follow our step-by-step instruction to gain access to Google Pay, enter through developer folder and click on “Developer” on the top.
  • More information

    Want to know more Google official information? Please go to Google Pay Official page

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