Integrated payment, increase sales
API friendly, 10 different types of payment methods all connects into one.

Direct Pay

Safely store credit card number, expiration date automatic update and never have to worry about credit card on file expiring.

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Premier payment experience
  • Exclusive Cross-site free redirection component
    Replace the traditional redirecting technology, elevate user experience and prevent abnormal line drop.
  • Automatic expiration date update
    Link to standardized code distribution system to automatic update expiration date to provide a worry-free solution for the consumers.

Security specification
    Overall environment certified PCIDSS level 1, quarterly independent audit by Verizon to ensure the safety of your information and transaction security.
  • Backend encryption
    Replace sensitive credit card information with code, mainframe and TapPay links all use TLS 1.2 Encryption verification. Military grade WAF firewall is in place to protect the information that is passed through every transaction.

Multi Bank interface connection
  • Optimal banking solution
    TapPay Satisfies your need to connect to multiple banks. According to the card consumer uses it will automatically choose the optimal bank for the transaction.
  • Risk management
    As soon as the card is swiped it will go through 13 risk management programs to analyze transaction information, avoid abnormal transaction and prevent identity theft.
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