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API friendly, 10 different types of payment methods all connects into one.


Want to appeal more customers who don’t have credit card? Add Atome as one of your payment methods on your online store to allow your customer can buy no but pay later. Elevating the shopping experience and conversion rate with 3 interest-free installments.

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Trading environment
  • Mobile Shopping
    Whether consumers purchase through an APP or website, they can jump to Atome App directly from the checkout page. It is both simple and fast.
  • Computer Shopping
    If your customers are purchasing through a web browser, after choosing Atome to checkout, a unique QR code will be generated. Consumers just need to open Atome APP and scan the QR code to complete payment.

Product Features
  • Enjoy 3 interest-free installments without applying credit cards
    Paying with Atome, shoppers can enjoy 3 interest-free installments without credit card hence it will increase the conversion rate of your online store.
  • Merchant don't need to afford the risk if the customer doesn't pay up
    Whether the customers eventually pay the installments or not, merchant would have gotten your money. Atome will take the risk of the installment policy.

Easy connection
  • Developer Friendly
    Follow our step-by-step instructions to enable Atome. Click “Developer” on the top to see more details.
  • More information

    Want to know more about Atome? Visit Atome now.

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