One link to complete the payment process
Back to the basics by using the simplest transaction method to allow buyers and sellers a stress free payment experience.

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Sale side
Generates payment link according to the order and sent it to the consumer
Consumer side
Open link to enter credit card information and complete payment instantly.

Minimal payment procedures
  • Do not require technology concatenation or establishing shopping cart system.
  • Preset transaction agreement and price then send a link to buyers through Email, LINE Facebook, etc for invoicing. Seller can also set due date to better manage deadlines.
  • Once buyers complete payments, sellers will receive notification through app directly, instead of verifying with credit card machine.

A more secure fund collection method
  • Supports the most secured 3D Secure system. Through text verification the consumers’ confirm their identity to prevent identity theft.
  • Consumers feels safer because they no longer need to leave their credit card number on a credit card processing slip.
  • Employees will not come in direct contact with customers’ credit cards, thus decreases cost and human errors.

Shop backend system to help manage you orders
  • Multiple personalized accounts
    Establishing multiple accounts for your employees so they have individual access and can manage their account independently.
  • Exporting Data
    Either calculating sales performance or analyzing customers shopping trend the exporting report function will assist you further the success of your business.
  • Batch generation
    Generates hundreds of invoices at once for batch invoicing. It is a great system for taking down payments and management fee.
  • Super Search
    Simply search by consumer name, telephone number or email to gain transaction detail and manage consumer info.
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